quarta-feira, 3 de julho de 2013

Rock Climbing and Kayaking

Yesterday was an extraordinary day of overcoming our inner fears and being empowered by the strength we all have inside. In the morning, we went rock climbing and we already had quite a few people anxious about what they were going to find. This time, Tamwood hired a specialized company to do the whole training and bring the necessary equipment (even shoes!). It was just moving to watch as everyone participant was welcomed by this trained instructor and all his or her teammates would cheer to help him/her overcome the obstacles. The result was fantastic! Everyone was able to get to the top, including myself! The feeling is undescribable, because when you get down to the ground there's a rush of adrenaline through your body and you feel like a hero and able to conquer whatever you want. Well, I learned so much from the experience that I'm sure the same thing happened to the kids. Cadu and Rafa tried out the last adventure, which involved  walking over logs and lines way up in high trees, and at the end throwing themselves down a "Tarzan" rope. Impressive, indeed.
I thought the morning was enough for a week of adventure, but not really. In the afternoon, we went kayaking, and that involved carrying, preparing and of course, paddling. The day looked amazing and Rainbow Park is one of the most beautiful lakes, with all the snowy mountains in the back and the perfect green grass surrounding this shiny lake. We paddled quite a bit, played a game on the kayaks and only Cadu volunteered to go. You had to run across all kayaks that were lined up, as if it were a piano, and try to go back to yours. Naturally, everyone fell in the water, got all of us wet and laughed a lot. At the end, the hard work of carrying everything back and putting it up on high racks. Great workout!
Do you think exercising is over for the day? No way! We're Explorers and with us there's never a moment's rest. After dinner we went swimming at Meadow Park Centre, which is someting like a public club with a variety of pools and other sports as well. Kids played water basketball and jumped from a rope again, only this time in the water. Super fun!
Our Adventure Group has something very special to it: all kids have already mingled and interact really well already. Besides, there are no issues with whiny kids or bored teens, everyone's up to everything, and what's most special, this time they have me as teammate too, so I have to correspond. I'll do my best buddies!
Today it's camping trip preparation and some lake in the afternoon. We'll be away camping Thursday and Friday, so you might get news only on Saturday morning. I'll try to write the soonest possible.

See you then and enjoy our new photos!

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  1. Maria Cecilia Materon Botelho3 de jul de 2013 17:36:00

    Wow! Great fun! I would be dead for the rest of the week! Does that railroad have a real train riding on it??? Get up boys!haha! Miss you!

  2. Que delícia!!! Quanta aventura!!! Bom acampamento para vocês amanhã!!! Cuidado com os ursos.....rsrsrsrs
    Família Gross