quinta-feira, 4 de julho de 2013

Light Day and Trip Preparation

Today we started a bit lighter after breakfast learning how to put the tents we'll be using on our camping trip tomorrow. Although we weren't hiking up and down, the job of finding the right holes and poles to a tent is definitely not straightforward, so that took a little while and a bit of advice from our counselor Amelia. The funny part about it is that the smallest boys decided to stay together - Rafa, Cadu and Gabriel from France - and the biggest boys really wanted to fit all in their small tent - Dani, David and Alejandro from Mexico. Girls were forced to mix, one German with one Mexican. They were all quite happy with the arrangement at the end and succeeded in putting up their tents all right. Next, we headed to the dorms to learn how to pack our bags and the most of the space inside it. Great tips! And since we still had about an hour to lunch, we stayed out and learned how to craft bracelets out of colored string, and made beautiful ones that we are now wearing.
After lunch we went down to the village for the first time to buy some snacks at the market and hang out for some time around the stores. Good time to walk around with friends and enjoy another gorgeous day in a very pretty village.
Night time was very fun with games outside and the Counselors' Talent Show. It was all interactive and the audience was split into teams that competed for a special prize snack before bedtime.
As I'd mentioned, we head out to our 2-day camping trip tomorrow (Thursday) morning and will be back late afternoon on Friday, so we'll be back with more adventure after that. And stunning pictures, I promise! This time we're going to a new lake I can't pronounce the name yet, but it's a nice hike, they say. Please cross your fingers so we don't find too many mosquitoes this time, You wouldn't believe how many bites Dani and I got...

Stay tuned for more in two days!

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  1. Puxa , ja se passaram 7 dias ! Nem ta na metade e estamos com saudades de voces.Pelas fotos ,estao se divertindo muito .
    Que historia de urso e essa ?!?Acho que aquele tipo que nem da pra ver direito pelo binoculo, ne pessoal !?!
    Aproveitem a aventura .
    Familia K.Soares

  2. Missing you all! Hope you're having great fun (without the mosquitoes). Loved the Tees!