terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2011

Goodbye and hello

Indeed, saying goodbye is never easy, and even harder when you don't know if you're going to see those people again. Truly, our adventure group grew bold and tightly bonded. Going through rough times together, fighting for survival side by side, sharing rationed food, lending coats in bad weather, making jokes in so many languages...We became one and started to see ourselves as this new identitiy: the Adventure Group. Needless to say, leaving Whistler was tearful and getting to Vancuover, a new place we knew practically nothing about, made all a bit anxious.
We are now settled at Simon Fraser University with the same camp, but here it's only run for ESL students. That`s why we have a special program that spits us from the rest. We have been faced with much change: many people (about 300 students), different accomodations, more strict rules and being divided in different groups. This is our second day and we're starting to get used to things and actually beginning to take charge of our lives and make some decisions about our future these next few days. Good news! Our goodbyes were not complete and we might be meeting with a few of our adventure buddies downtown Vancouver this Thursday. It`s such a relief for us all to know we can get back to what we once were! For the next days it shall be spending, a lot of spending! We're going to Robson St tomorrow and Thursday, and Friday we'll be visiting one of Canada's biggest mallls, Metro Town.
I apologize for the delay of this posting and the lack of photos. As usual, first world connections are not as effective and easy as one would imagine. Turns out my firewall is not compatible with the university`s connection. I`m using the computer lab and will try to use one of the kids' computers for pictures later.
Promise to be back with more and better comments.

See you then and the countdown begins,