terça-feira, 2 de julho de 2013

Canada 2013

What time is it? It's time for adventure! Let's go Explorers!

Welcome to our 2013 trip to Canada, speaking now straight from Whistler. We are a small but very sharp and united group - me and my Three Musketeers. Our airport run was absolutely smooth and my partners can lead the way ahead of me, so no worries there. The trip is long though and it takes quite some time before we get to Whistler.  But, like I said, my trio's bold and brave. So, as we arrived to the camp, we were welcomed by smiley counselors who helped us get settled and integrated as Adventure Group. We are a very diverse bunch: 4 Mexicans (2 boys and 2 girls), 2 German girls, an enthusiast French boy, our 3 Brazilian boys (plus me) and our 2 French Canadian counselors, both from Quebec, a man and a woman. From the experience up to now, I can say there's never been so much English going on for our boys and they don't even mind it. We just came from a game night at their school in Whistler Village and you wouldn't believe them playing with this Italian boy and a British counselor a very funny card game called "Cheat"; everyone laughing at Daniel for not being able to disguise his cheating. Pure crosscultural fun!
Now to what matters: the adventure! Today we went hiking on Cougar Mountain and were surprised by clouds of mosquitoes that wouldn't leave us no matter what repellent we used. Final count of the day: many lumps of bites all over the body, and even under our clothes! When we stopped to eat our lunch snack, it was just impossible to eat with those bugs eating us up, so we just walked around, up and down to be able to swallow the delicious sandwiches we brought. We managed to get the bus to pick us up earlier so we could be saved from so many bites. Later, we went to Lost Lake, which sort of translates as their Copacabana, because everybody goes down there for a good swim, suntanning and hanging out with friends and family. It was quite busy there today with such warm weather. We swam, played cards and, why not, hiked a little more, Back to the camp, we had dinner and then went to their school for games.
Oh, there are fireworks going on outside! It's Canada Day! Horray!!
Here are some photos of what I've described so far...

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  1. I hope you all have a great time! I'll be around to follow every step of the way.
    see ya!