sexta-feira, 8 de julho de 2011

Fish and Shoppings

Yesterday our group - Ricardo, Isabella, Guilherme, Felipe, Mariana and Rafael - went to Vancouver for a day trip. We visited the beautiful aquarium at Stanley Park, had lunch bags with sandwich and juice, and later went to what students had been the most hungry for: SHOPPING! It was great fun and I haven't been very necessary as a chaperone; they just leave on their own and how to get around and shop much better than myself. They find stores and malls that I'd take some hours to realize. Good for them! You should have seen Felipe talking to the salesman at Future Shop to ask about all these fancy details of a camera flash and lens, and finally explain the whole situation he would be back in a couple of weeks and since he was going back to Whistler, it wouldn't be wise to purchase it yet. These guys are in trouble when they're back in Brazil, I'm not going to let them speak any more Portuguese! They're too good to be wasted!
Well, the other group - Camila, Lucas, Victória and Stéfano - are coming back from their camping trip around lunch time and should be chilling out this afternoon to rest from the adventure overnight. I'm sure they'll have good stories to tell. I'l inform you later of that.
I must apologize for the lack of photos, but I've been trying non-stop to upload them and the system ends up crashing and then my only solution is to close it. Today I'm going to try something Tania suggested. I truly hope it works!
My next post will probably be only on Saturday evening, but stay tuned for more.