segunda-feira, 1 de agosto de 2011

My last words to my dear Explorers...

Dear Camila,
You have shown to be a very strong young lady, who not only faces the challenge but also doesn’t make big fuss about it. In your silence you find your way through difficulty and came out bold and determined. Believe in all that potential you have and your sweet friendship.
Thanks for your kindness,

Dear Guilherme,
You’ve shown how you can turn life around and make delicious lemonade out of a lemon. That’s why it was for good reason you received an award from Tamwood Camps, for you went from distracted and bored to a cheerful and helpful camper. And you made my work all worthwhile, proving you are as wonderful as I thought you could be. Make sure you keep that great energy flowing and channel it to your studies too. Use your kind heart to guide you.
Thanks for the smile,

Dear Felipe,
You were the most comforting companion one could wish for on a trip. You’re a true communicator, for you not only express yourself freely but you are a great listener as well. I also think you discovered you’re stronger than you imagined, so make sure you don’t forget that. With your tuned group spirit you could become a powerful leader, you just need to believe in your potential.
Thanks so much for your lovely company,

Dear Isabella,
Bumpy roads have brought us together and I could see at the end of the journey we had touched each other’s heart somehow. Use your endless energy for cheer and joy of others and yourself. And above all, believe in the goodness of people; most of the time the world’s just trying to help us and we’re the ones who are resisting. I think you’ve grown to see how strong you can be, now make sure you use it to your benefit.
Thanks for the cheerfulness,

Dear Lucas,
If there was ever an Explorer, that guy was you, with your endless enthusiasm for life and its challenges. I admire you immensely for the all so many gifts you have: being able to play so many sports, endure so many physical battles and, most of all, captivate the heart of so many people who cross your way. Your goodness contaminates those around you, so just keep it coming.
Thanks for the sparkle,

Dear Mariana,
In your silence I learned to read your enjoyment and excitement. I also witnessed every step in your strive to overcome the challenges. The result of all that accomplishment I’m certain you feel and notice within yourself. I hope this impeccable soul of yours can shine and express itself to the world more openly, for it is far too special to be hidden. You’re that kind of friend who we know will always be there when we fall.
Thanks for always being there,

Dear Rafael,
You’re tough and strong to resist a great lot, there’s no doubt. Yet, still deep inside is a heart that needs to be heard. As much as you may run away from your feelings and your sensitive side, they will always be chasing you back. So, know the true value of family and friendship bonds; they’re the essence of what’s going to give you energy and determination to fight your battles. There is no money that will buy you that, so make sure you kiss your mom and dad every day and show them how important they are in your life.
Thanks for your friendship,

Dear Ricardo,
You were great company to me too. We can go on for a long time talking about real life stuff and truly listen to each other. Now, I think you were faced with a new version of who you thought you were. You’re not as fragile and dependent as you imagined. Your health, your body strength, your ability to endure proved you gladly wrong, In other words, you came out of it all as bold as can be. The secret is: don’t resist to novelty, just let life take you and you’ll be amazed how far that will lead you. As for me, I wasn’t surprised; I always saw all that in you. Oh, and try to ride a bike again one of these days, I’m sure your belief will be contradicted.
Mr. Adventure, take a walk on the wild side…
Thanks for the great talk,

Dear Stéfano,
I’ve already said, you’ve got to be one of the luckiest people I’ve ever met. What does that mean? It means you have a shining light that guides and protects you all the way. It also makes you brilliant in many ways: in your endless cheerfulness, in your tireless physical strength, in your humorous laugh and in your funny remarks. With calm and patience you’re able to communicate and earn people’s heart. Remember Officer Patricia? Who would’ve ever thought a boy could touch a police woman’s heart so dearly? I did!
Thanks for the great fun,

Dear Victoria,
If there’s anybody who has truly amazed me, that person was you. Your courage and determination have made you stand out among the girls. I hope you know now how strong you are, and also how sweet your heart can be. Your values within guide your path pretty well and you sure know where to put your foot down. You’ve grown bolder and wiser in this adventurous journey we took together.
Thanks for being so brave,