quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011

Back and spending... a lot!

How can you go from wilderness and glacier to shopping crazy in a mall? That's how insane things have been turned around since last week. The first day here, Monday, we went to Science World and the kids took an assessment test in the morning. The scientific experience was totally interactive and we had good fun. The rest of the afternoon was pure exploration of the campus and of course its shopping facilities.
Unfortunately, no one has been able to fix the trouble with my computer, because apparently my firewall doesn`t allow the connection we have here. I'm using a free access here at the central office, but my pictures will have to wait for another computer. Still, I'll find a way, don't worry.
Today we went to the Vancouver Aquarium and Stanley Park, where we walked along the shore for a good distance and could see some of the totoms they have back there as well.
Tomorrow we're leaving on our own with public transit to go to another shopping mall, Park Royal, and a beach nearby. The whole idea doesn't really have to do with buying more, although I think we just  might, but the good news is we'll be meeting up with our adventure buddies in the afternoon. So, it finally worked out and everyone will be united for another time. Actually, there are just a few  of them, about 5, still very close and liked ones. At night we'll have dinner at Mc Donald's on our way back to the university. It should be fun!
Oh, I forgot to mention we went bowling last night and practically clsoed the place, so many people we were. We stayed there so long we just all got tired we couldn't do it anymore. I played myself with other counselors; an absolute disaster!
Brazilians are majority here and there are many Asians, mostly from China. It's a big blend of cultures and languages. The other day I sat with these young girls at lunch and met this Egyptian 9-year-old who's been coming to the camp for the last 3 years! So I wondered, "how did she cope with being left alone in a strange place at the age of 6?" Well, thtere are others like that here, German, Japanese, etc. Amazing kids!
I'll keep you posted on the next moves and promise to make my all out effort to get more pictures uploaded tonight.

Best wishes to all and looking forward to be back with you,