quinta-feira, 7 de julho de 2011

Trip preparation and cold swimming

The day began smooth with a visit to the village to buy food for our coming 2-day camping trip. Good food! Hotdogs, ham, cheese, Nutella, peanut butter and to drink, water. Yummy... After that, everyone had to share in carrying the shopping bags up the hill back to the residence dorms.
After lunch we were taken by bus to a place near Logger's Lake, but naturally we didn't take the easy way. We went hiking on a trail, up and down the woods, over a bouncy wooden bridge, down a dirt road and back on a trail until we finally got to the beautiful site. The water, that was meant to be a lot warmer than the other lake we'd been to, was around 12o C. At first there were few volunteers to enter the water, but Stéfano got others psyched up and at the end Lucas and Rafael joined in the fun. You can imagine only boys tried it out, girls just watched and enjoyed a bit of sunbathing. It was funny to wathch them all screaming as they swam or jumped in the water with a rope swing. On our way back, we took the easier way by the road to get to the bus in time.
Back to the dorms, we had some short time to ease off before dinner. Right now the kids are out on a scavenger hunt shooting photos of themselves, which they later will have to present to the counselors. I hear great cheering downstairs, so they should be having good fun.
Tomorrow our group splits in 2 so we can make our camping trips safely. My group will be going to Vancouver for the day and the other will be going on their camping trip to Cat Lake. I can still communicate with you tomorrow, but don't expect another post on Friday and Saturday, when I'll be out camping. Still, don't worry, I'll be back with great news.
See you then and wish us good fun,


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  1. A farra tem sido boa por ai e o pelo jeito o frio tambem...rsrs. Uma agua a 12 graus so da pra imaginar a da minha geladeira....esses meninos sao muito corajosos!!!!!bbbbrrrrrr. A Isa nos ligou ontem e estava bem feliz, ate rouca, acho que de tanto falarrrrr....Contou nos que viram ursos....meu Deus, como assim, tao perto de voces???? rsrs. Se cuidem, e divirtam-se muito, e que esse camping seja inesquecivel nas memoria de todos voces...bjs

  2. Good Luck!! Have fun!
    Mas queremos ver as fotos!!!
    Ana Cristina

  3. Photos!!!! We want photos !!!!!!rsrsrsrsr