terça-feira, 5 de julho de 2011

And the real stuff begins...

When we thought we were just doing great walking to the lake, looking at bears or visiting the village for some shopping, well...the real adventure began today. Real stuff!
We started out rock climbing at a high rock wall about 15 minutes away from here by bus. Guess what? 100% of the girls tried it out and showed how strong and skilled they are. Boys also did great and managed to get all the way to the top. As for me, there was no time left to try, but I took the photos and did the good cheering back on the ground. I'll post them soon, it's just been so busy and I've been struggling with time and tiredness at night. But I promise to do it asap.
After lunch we started what we could never dream would be coming. We went up this really steep and high mountain with no trail until we could find snow. In other words, we practically reached the top. It was exhausting for us all and demanded more than just good will. We had to overcome bad thoughts, muscle pain, breathlessness and that irresistable desire to just stop and go back. Well, it was all worth it. Every time we stopped to rest, we would look back and see this ridge of snow mountains in the back and this grassy slope we had just climbed. A heavenly view! And when we finally hit the snow, it was time for snow ball fights and "skibunda" or tobogany down the snow with plastic bags or just your plain bottom. Great fun!
And when we thought we would go down headed home, we toook a left way and ended up at the ski lifts and why not, got a ride dwon on the lift with this undescribable view to look at, including a bear cub!
Now it's dinner and village, if we still have legs to go down and then up, up, up again.
I read your happy comments and will share them with the kids, now that I managed to install internet in my computer. Keep tuned for the photos I'll post most probably tonight.

10 comentários:

  1. Awesome!! Looks great! Thank you Lia for sharing these fantastics moments with us. Marcelo

  2. Your words are so descriptive, we can almost picture you guys! But YES, we want some photos.
    Have fun!

  3. LIa...
    Não desgudamos desse BLOG!!! Está o máximo!!!
    Continuem aproveitando!!! bjs a todos!!!
    Família Gross

  4. Lia,
    As suas descrições nos faz visualizar as montanhas, a neve, as brincadeiras, as carinhas de cansaço........ Enfim está apenas começando. Aproveitem!!!!! bjs Eliane, Roby e Bia

  5. We miss you all and hope you have a wonderfull time....

  6. O último comentário foi meu........

  7. Diviratam se muuuito seems like unforgetable memories...Andrea

  8. Que maravilhoso !!
    Momentos inesqueciveis...
    Pena a Thais não estar com vocês, mas faz parte das escolhas.
    Desejo a esse grupo tão querido muita diversão, risadas, bons momentos e MUITAS FOTOS para ficar de recordação!
    Ana Cristina

  9. Ana
    O Felipe já tirou mais de 300 fotos!!!!
    Quase não é exagerado!!!

    Adriana Gross