sábado, 23 de julho de 2011

Rest and guess what, more shopping...

Our Friday was pretty smooth. We started out slow, just organizig things in our rooms and resting really. Around 11:00 we headed to another shopping mall, supposedly one of the biggest in Canada, Metro Town.
Indeed, a pretty impressive place with many stores and much space to walk and get you tired in some hours. The kids ended up giving up on the idea of the movie, because they had either already seen them or they were just too silly to bother. That means we were left with another good afternoon for spending, but only this time I could find some true bagains worth throwing your last dollars on. The truth is that when you convert Canadian dollars into our currency, most things don't really pay off, although in some cases quality counts more than anything.
Our night was fun with the Talent Show. There were quite a few acts and I msut say very good ones. And guess what?! Of course, the Brazilians stood out again, and more surprisingly boys with not only good talent for playing music but for singing. I'm always proud when I see us Brazilians cheering and moving crowds outside of our country. It reminded me of our Music Festival. Now, our kids didn't have time or energy to come up with an act this time, but hey enjoyed the good fun.
Today we're visiting Granville Island in the afternoon and packing our bags in the morning. That means my last post will be tonight. Too bad good things must come to an end. Yet, I think we've pretty much accomplished what we came here for and really need to get back home and be with our families again.
Keep tuned then for my last words before take off.



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  1. Ola Lia,
    O Stefano perdeu o celular e tera de fazer 3 conexoes : Vancouver p Montreal, Montreal p paris e Paris p Nice. Por favor gostaria q lembrasse ele que assim que ele saia do aviao devera entrar em seguida em outro. Nao perder tempo e perguntar sempre as horas para se manter atualizado em favor dos horarios dos voos. Estaremos esperando o em Nice.
    Desde ja um abraco,