domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

Last words from Canada

It;s been a lovely sunny day in Vancouver with a silent morning packing and a very pleasant afternoon at the docks of Granville Island, a charming place by the sea with a food and art market. We went into all sorts of shops selling from Indian goods to native ceramics. There are musicians and other artists performing on the streets or like this guitarist and singer we saw right on the dock with this beautiful sea-city background singing "On the Dock of the Bay". It really felt like we had just come into a movie or something. The whole ideaa of the place is good food and arty things. We even stopped by this immense workshop with huge logs of wood where an artist was just in the middle of carving a piece of work that looked like a native-like totem. Too bad we only had two hours to spare at such an inteesting spot.
Back on the campus, we;ve just had dinner and will now prepare for our Disco Night, this time's theme beng the Wild West. Although everyone's a bit rundown, we all need to party our farewell, so let's go for it!
We leave the university at 8:15 tomorrow morning and should be boarding at 12:10 to Dallas. Our arrival is scheduled for around 7:00 Monday morning in SP. Surely it'll take us a while before we can get through Customs and duty free, so don't worry dear parents if we're a bit later than that. You know how airports go these days, especially at this time of year.
I'll post the last pictures of today's excursion and when I'm back I'll make sure to post the very last ones of our disco and departure.
Now, what can I say after so much has passed and so much has been learned? We've grown so much in independence, which is knowing how to sort things out for ourselves and be on our own, and we have also learned how to depend as well, that is, we had to rely on each other and other people for so many things we needed along the way, even if it was just a comfort word at a moment of loneliness. I can say it's been mostly smooth sailing for me and I've been flowing with the wind that has taken us to so many new worlds. Now it's time to share all that with you in person.
Dpm't think this is a goodbye, for I'll still be posting some things as I arrive, so stay tuned, please.

Farewell Canada! Brazil, here we go!!!

Cheers to all,


4 comentários:

  1. Meninos e Meninas,
    Que todas as experiencias e aventuras vividas nesta viagem possam se eternizar na memoria de cada um. E com certeza todo o aprendizado interior ira se refletir nesta nova fase de desafios que virao pela frente.
    Agradecer seria muito pouco por tudo o que fez e compartilhou com eles e conosco.Valeu!!!!!!! Boa Viagem! bjs Familia Kreisler

  2. Lia, thank you so much for everything and for sharing all the exciting moments with us. I will stay tuned, see you tomorrow.
    Everybody: Have a safe trip!

  3. Lia
    Mais uma vez obrigada por todo carinho e atenção com a turma. Com certeza será uma lembrança eterna.

  4. I am sure you have packed all the memories and are bringing them within you all.
    Hope you had a safe+pleasent trip back to Brasil!