quinta-feira, 18 de julho de 2013

Shopping spree and Capilano Bridge

Yesterday was the so awaited day of shopping and we started out at a very far outlet mall called Queensborough Landing. Guess where we got started? The king of bargains from electronics to food: Wal-Mart! I don't need to mention we spent a good time in there and were a bit late in our program for the day - another huge mall and bowling at night. As we explored the other great shops around, we got more and more into the spirit of buying and making great deals! End of story, we stayed there until about 4:00 pm. In sequence, we headed to Metrotown, one of the biggest malls in Canada. By this time, our arms were practically dropping with so many shopping bags, so Dani and I found a fantastic offer for suitcases and bought one each. We put everybody's purchases in the huge bags and off we went to enjoy the big shopping center. On the way back, we were so tired and excited we missed our stop and got off before our destination. That delayed our already late return and we were back after 10:00 pm. Nevertheless, everyone happy with their new things.
Today we did some more sightseeing and this time it was Capilano Bridge. It is a suspension bridge that was built some time at the end of the 19th century and it's quite long, and very impressive if you consider the time when it was constructed. It's today part of a beautiful park which has tried to preserve both the incredible nature that already existed in the area, and also spread the history of these explorers who developed this land (Scottish, natives and Italians). Besides the bridge, there are some smaller versions of bridges on the tree tops that go all around, and some other paths circling the park.
After Capilano, we had to go back downtown anyway, so we stopped at a mall, had lunch and why not, shopped a bit more. Can you believe they still want more time for spending?
Tomorrow we'll join the big group for Playland, an amusement park, and Robson Street (shopping area, somewhat like the Oscar Freire region) for shopping.
Our trip is coming to an end soon, so we need to get as much as possible from these last precious moments. Weather has been heavenly with sunny days and blue skies! Hope it continues like that until Sunday...

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