terça-feira, 16 de julho de 2013

And the trip continues... Vancouver and SFU

Sunday was a long day traveling from Whistler to Vancouver in our dearest yellow school bus and waiting long hours at the airport to pick up more kids arriving to the Simon Fraser University Tamwood Camp. We got to SFU around 3:00 pm and did the whole process of intake (keys, passport, deposit, laundry bag and so on). Here life changes quite a bit. Each one has his or her own private room and the bathroom is of common use to all of those on the same floor, so, in other words, you get lots of privacy in your room, but lots of lines at rush hours to use the showers or toilets. However, flexibility and adaptation are at the core of our experience on this trip and we have no doubt grown quite used to changing factors. Also, because we're sort of following our own program, the boys haven't bonded that much to the other members of their group, The Grizzlies. They have the meals together, talk a bit and later in the evening do some activity together. Today they're having movie night, watching "The Illusionist".
Well, our first official day in Vancouver was very exciting and naturally, adventurous! We started out taking 2 buses to get to Stanley Park and stopped off at a bike rental shop. What for? Oh, we rented bikes and went all the way around the park, just alongside the sea wall, with this fantastic view of the ocean, the shore, the marina and all the boats and ships there anchored. In addition, there was a lot of green around and a clear blue sky above full of sunshine. Not bad for a Monday morning, huh? It took us about an hour and a half until we returned the bikes to the shop. After that, we headed to the Aquarium, which is inside the park as well, so we had to walk our way back to Stanley to get there. Aquatic life is always much fun and we enjoyed a delicious lunch there too. We saw crazy looking jellyfish, thousands of fish and a very cool 4D movie about the salmon run up the river every year. On our way back, before taking the second bus, we stopped at a mall downtown to browse around for a short time, as we needed to be back in time for dinner. Our journey back was quite interesting, as we hit rush hour (around 5:00 pm) and the bus was packed.
Tomorrow it's spending day and we'll get in the shopping spree spirit when we visit an outlet mall in Queensborough and a regular mall called Metrotown. Everyone's excited to find out what special offers we'll find there. I'll tell you later...
Best wishes to all!

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