quarta-feira, 13 de julho de 2011

X-TREME Downhill Biking and Talent Night

Our morning began smooth with just some fun by the lake or a last visit to the village to shop for proper camping gear. Slow morning to make up for the extreme afternoon with some hot downhill biking. My warrior of the day: Victoria, the only brave woman to join and come out, as expected, victorious! I should not leave out the whole group of tough warriors who took the challenge pretty seriously and turned out even more skillful than I'd imagined: Stéfano, Guilherme, Felipe, Lucas and Rafael! A big clap to y'all!!
First, all bikers had to sign wavers to assure there was someone taking full responsiblity of what they were about to do. After, they went up to get the bikes and all the armour and protection pads needed, not to forget the helmet. Later, they all took the chairlift with their bikes up the hill, where they were assessed as to what level biking they could handle. Finally, they were given clear instructions on how to ride this particular bike on this specific kind of sport: how to leave your foot on the pedal, how to handle the brakes, what to look out for on the way down, etc. Ready? Well, then tighten your seatbelts, we're going doooooooooown...! And so they got down the hill and guess what? They'd do it again; take the chairlift up to the point they could go and... downhill they went once more.
I must say it was incredibly exciting to watch and I would've gone, had I not been in charge of a group of 10. Imagine the group leader getting injured one day before the camping trip? Disaster! Thanks to that you'll have some cool pictures to look at. Just be patient, internet here is of a jurassic speed and takes loads of time to upload each photo. But you shall see all our courageous soldiers!
Our night was also fun with the Talent Show. I must say the Brazilian group really rocked the house. They sang, danced and joined in everything they could find. Our adventure guys didn't really have the time and energy to do so, but we sure cheered along and danced some Macarena as well.
Wish us good luck and good weather on our 3-day camping trip. I should be back to my blogger post on Saturday. See you then and stay tuned!


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  1. Lia, I just read everything all at once and the trip sounds amazing! Hope the camping turns out great!Bjos from a very quiet and empty school...

  2. SAUDADES!!!!!!!!!E aproveitem ao máximo esses últimos dias.....
    Beijos, Suzi

  3. We're enjoying all your posts! Waiting for more! Ciça and Renato