segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011

Sunday chill out and room clean up

Today evryone got to sleep in, which means to sleep till later. That meant we would miss breakfast, but our counselor made sure we had lunch bags to eat around 11:30. Before doing that, all counselors went around checking rooms and having kids do proper tidying and cleaning. All the gargage was taken out and other things were provided for the week to come. Only after all the adventure campers got the OK for their room could we leave for lunch.
The afternoon was spent at the village. We went to the movies, one group to see "Transformers" and the other to see "Horrible Bosses", and later we just hung out, did some more shopping and, of course, the must stop at Starbucks. The best part of this all is that our kids are already blending with the other adventure buddies. So the girls have been hanging out with some French and French Canadian boys, while the boys are mixing with the Italian, Mexican, French and Spanish. A true fruit salad with very good Englsih taste! What I want to say is that English is really becoming our common ground, to the point that our counselor will have them pick up garbage if they swear in the language. That's how far they've gone into speaking it. To me that's just pure delight, I don't even care if they're swearing, they're just reprograming their minds.
In the evening, after dinner, we went to Lost Lake for some soccer and frisbee. I guess you can figure out who played one and the other. Only this time the girls had the French boys join them in the frisbee. Great fun with a beautiful view in the background. They even say there's a beaver in the lake; real Hollywood movie stuff we don't believe actually exists, but it does, in Canada.
Our next adventures should be rock climbing and swimming at another lake, so keep in touch.


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