sábado, 16 de julho de 2011

Recovery day and Whistler Mountain

We started slowly just saying goodbye to the big group of Brazilians leaving and our main counselor Mark. After breakfast we went down to the village to look around and enjoy the busy crowd coming for this huge bike competition in Whistler. It's been raining now and then, so we can't really stay outdoors that much. Actually, this has been a day to enjoy civilization and urban life, after so much core nature in the past few days. Later after lunch we took the chairlift up the mountain to take the peak-to-peak gondola at Whistler Mountain. Although the weather didn't help us that much, the view up there is just awesome; we pass by green grassy slopes until we hit the top snowy summit. Incredible! It's like going from spring to heavy winter in 15 minutes. Back down we took the bus or walked back to the residence so we could pack up, for tomorrow we leave to Vancouver for another adventure.
As for tomight, if everything goes according to plan, we'll be going to the movies to watch the latest Harry Potter film after dinner, which should be great fun for our last time together as Adventure Group - The Explorers.
By the way, I must say I love your comments; it's great to feel followed, especially when you're the only adult in the group. I'm like the oldest person on camp! Can you believe it? And I'm pretty young, aren't I? Well, I guess it's my best trick for not aging, hanging out with the youth!

See you in Vancouver now,


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  1. It must be sad to say good bye to Whistler... but there´s more to come!! Hope you all enjoy this next step.