sexta-feira, 22 de julho de 2011

Photos and more shopping

After an urban adventure, I finally managed to get the photos uploaded with a flash drive I bought yesterday at the mall. Unbelievable, I know, but the kids are too in love with their computers to lend me theirs and my own machine won't accept the connection. Problem solved, anyway, and now even better with high speed broad band connection.
The photos I posted have a last group picture with our Explorers and the first days at SFU Vancouver. There are some from Science World (a big silver globe in the back), the aquarium, Stanley Park and the seashore, our fun bowling night and a few pictures of our doms at the residence.
Yesterday we went on our own by public transit to a far shopping mall. Our manin objective was to meet up with our adventure friends from Whistler. At the end it was even better than expected, because not only didd they meet their buddies, but they also got a chance to hang out with some of the counselors they enjoyed so much, like Nathan.
As for the mall, it was more shopping, eating, drinking and hanging out. The interesting part was the whole trip to go and come back, for we had to make a transfer downtown and on the way back we stopped for dinner at Mc Donald's.  I try my best on these occasions to leave them to themselves to solve their affairs, like talking to the bus driver for directions, asking a passerby for information or just placing an order. I msut say it's good help for me, because most of the time  my tired eyes can't see so well and they have to go about sorting things themselves.
Today we're starting a bit later and will be going to the movies at another mall after lunch. It should be a short visit and pretty objective. Tonight there's Talent Show on the campus and tomorrow it's Disco Night.
Too bad the adventure's coming to an end. Yet, I know we've learned immensely and shall remember this experience for a lifetime.



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  1. Happy to see the pictures! Specially seeing them together with smily faces and with new friends! Their last year all together and lots of memories for the future!

  2. Great! What a fun for all, as Ciça said they all with smily faces. Thanks Lia for everything that you are doing for them. Marcelo

  3. Que delícia!!! Quantas experiências!!! Quantas aventuras!!! coração, queremos agradecer tudo que vc fez pelos nossos filhos!!!
    Façam uma excelente viagem!!Nos vemos em breve!!!
    Com carinho..Família Gross
    As fotos ficarm ótimas...