terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2011

Kayak and cross country biking

The day started sunny and active. We went to Rainbow Lake for kayaking and some other sports as well. To begin with, most people joined in a volleyball game, that later split and branched into an American football game (at least that's what it looked like) with our two counselors, Mark and Nathan. When that was done and everyone more than warmed up, most boys headed for the kayak or just a good swim in the lake. Please don't get the impression this is hot steamy weather. No, it's this dim sun with good wind and temperatures between 15 and 18o C. But as days go by, we get used to this new style and then join in the summer spirit doing summery activities, like swimming. After all, we are the adventure group, the so called Explorers!
After lunch the group was split in two. One part went cross country biking around Lost Lake (the same one from last night) and the others went down to the village to do "food prep", which means to buy all the food for our upcoming camping trip and bring it back up the hill to our residence. I was in this last one and personally did the shoppings with the counselors while the kids strolled in the village. It's tons of pasta, bagels, peanut butter, cereal bars and much more. As we checked out through the register, the kids would come into the supermarket and fill their camping backpacks with food to carry up the hill. Before dinner we got together and sorted everything out in the right bags so we're ready for the trip. Some people are carrying the tents and others are doing the food.
Now all campers have gone to a local school's gym to play some ball games and should be back before 10 pm for their night snack and bedtime.
Tomorow will be my last post before the trip and then I'll be out for about 3 days, so expect news only Saturday afternoon.

See you tomorrow then,


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  1. Lia
    Thank you so much for your postings, it is really wonderful to read it, it feels like having a bit of the fun you are all experiencing! I wish everybody a very nice and safe trip.
    Take care,