sábado, 9 de julho de 2011

Camping is cool!

And so the real adventure begins... We just came back from our camping trip at Cat Lake, an unbelievable place surrounded by pine trees and with crystal clear water that looks like a mirror. We arrived there around 11:00 am, just when the other group (Lucas, Stéfano, Victória and Camila) were leaving. They left the tents up for us, which surely helped us settle in. We left our things in our tents and set out hiking around the lake. It was good for warming up, for the day wasn't too hot and the sun was struggling to get through the clouds. When we came back we had lunch - ham and cheese sandwiches - and later went down to the lake to check if the water would be suitable for swimming. Well, it was too cold outside and we decidded to play games there instead: detective, follow the beat and other ones.
Around 5:00 pm we started to light up our campfire. It took a bit of work at the beginning but with everyone's help we managed to make good fire to warm us up and cook our dinner: hotdogs and marshmallows! Delicous!
The night was cold and a bit noisy with the other campers on the site, so we were all sort of run down in the morning. Good thing we had bagels and nutella for breakfast. All healthy stuff, as you can see. But adventure demands energy and that menas good yummy calories. We also have to pack up some energy for our next trip on Wednesday.
Well, now back to our residence, we had lunch, unpacked and went down to the village to chill out. And tonight is Saturday Disco Time! And it's the 80s! That would be my generation, so we'll be dancing some good Michael Jackson, New Order and Madonna!
Tomorrow is more of a cool day, so we'll probably go to the movies or something and just hang out here.
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